Advice for innovators

How can I reach the local Merseyside market?

Members of the panel come from a diverse range of backgrounds including marketing & PR, finance and law. Depending on the type of innovation that you submit, they will be able to give you advice as to develop your market both locally and beyond.

I want to sell my product and service online, can you advise me?

Sponsor members may be able to help you with an initial assessment and help you determine the best way forward.

I think my idea is truly innovative, when should I apply for a patent and how much will it cost?

Before disclosing your idea, you should ensure that you have spoken to your patent attorney to determine the best form of protection. If a patent application is appropriate, you should file this before making a non-confidential disclosure. Typically, the cost for preparing and filing a UK patent application will be in the region of £2500 – £5000 + VAT.