Steinberg backs innovation search

01 February 2012

Liverpool Vision chief executive Max Steinberg has given his support to awards highlighting some of the region's most innovative businesses. The Merseyside Innovation Awards aim to recognise and reward the use of innovation to boost growth and Steinberg has given the awards his full backing.

Steinberg said: "Liverpool is highlighting like never before in the UK that innovation and enterprise is vital because it is about creating jobs, wealth and opportunity that will help grow and sustain our economic growth.

"The Merseyside Innovation Awards gains in importance year-on-year and I am delighted to support it and acknowledge the contribution to those who excel in making a difference."

2012 will be the 17th year of the awards and Steinberg has noted that this year in particular will be very important for businesses in Merseyside.

"This year the eyes of the business world will be on Liverpool as the city prepares to celebrate the spirit of innovation and the passionate people who create and build inspiring businesses.

"The Global Entrepreneurship Congress alongside a festival of entrepreneurship in March is designed to encourage a new generation of innovators to unleash their ideas and it’s crucial that is does, because Britain and the world are looking to entrepreneurs - the business innovators - to deliver an enterprise-led recovery," he added.

The Global Entrepreneurship Congress will be held in Britain for the first time this year, and speakers are set to include Sir Richard Branson, Sir Terry Leahy and Lord Hesletine.